Even The Words of Jesus

I believe it is foolish to idolize the words of anyone. I think we ought to respect wisdom, not praise it.

I believe it’s a thing of the flesh to hang on to the words of a wise man, to quote them as if they’re seemingly applicable to every situation. But I think it’s the sign of a wise man, not to speak wisely, but to search for wisdom of ones own heart through the voice of God. From the way God individually crafted each of us to reflect his light. Or, wisdom from our own walk.

I believe it’s the sign of a a holy man to live by The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit in ways as this, that they’re the living word in which he speaks and thinks. And that he should apply their divine word and life to his mind, body, heart and spirit.

The words of true wisdom, words of eternal truth, are a living river that flows from the throne of God. But even the words of Jesus are infinitesimal in comparison to the bank of knowledge and wisdom that The Father has to offer.

Do not be content with just a cup of this living water. Don’t be content with putting only a drop on your tongue each day. Indulge in this, through prayer and supplication.

This living truth is only an aspect of the grace that God has offered through the acts of Christ.


But for as much as He’s Given

There will always be something that you can’t understand. In all your power and gifting, you will always be unable to comprehend an aspect of The Living God.
Humans are so infinitesimal, and in that, we deserve to know nothing, yet find it’s God’s joy to reveal to us wisdom and knowledge. But for as much as He’s given, and as much as you can obtain, He will be the only being in existence that may have knowledge of all things. And as for you, you will always be an infant, barely opening their eyes.
This is only one aspect of the humbling of Christ, I implore you to search for the rest.

It is better to blindly trust The Father, than to be taxed with the knowledge of his plan


Open Eyes

Rev 20:11-13

“Then I saw a large white throne. I saw the One who was sitting on the throne. Earth and Sky ran away from him and disappeared. And I saw the people that had died, great and small, standing before the throne. And the book of life was opened. There were also other books opened. These dead people were judged by the things they had done. These things are written in the books. The sea gave up the dead people that were in it. Death and Hades gave up the dead people that were in them. Each person was judged by the things he had done.”

I love how it doesn’t specify that a person will be judged by the ‘bad’ things he’s done. And if we’re to be judged by the things we do, won’t we be judged innocent if one of these things is giving our life to Christ, accepting his gift of forgiveness and living for him?

And if sin is innate, and unless we’re all guilty until our sins are pardoned, then why was the book of life opened on this day? Why would something so pure, and with so many good names of the ones who’ve given their life to Christ be in the midst of all sinners to ever walk the Earth? The only one who lived sinless holds the book. For the rest of us, “to sin” is an inevitable fact of life. Why else would this book be present if not to present the names of the ones accountable for giving their life, and living their life for Christ?

I’ll leave you with this,

Is it a sign of a Heavenly bestowed gift of Wisdom to find the grace of God, even in situations that the devil develops to compel us to believe that we can not obtain grace? Because I believe to “repent” is to also receive the gift of a renewed mind. So that your eyes can be opened and you can see the grace of God. Because to not see it, is to be blind.


The Soda Can

We as humans, small and inconsequential compared to God’s infinite intelligence, wisdom, and vast love, have accumulated the belief that we have vast understanding and contemplative abilities. But in essence we’re so young and naive, that we have yet to understand God’s being as good. As a naked eye only sees chaos in this world, a spirit’s eye only sees love in the Heavens. We see this confused mess of a world, and many assume a good God wouldn’t allow these things to pass. But we only understand The Father we call “God” to the same degree a soda can holds the world’s oceans in its small limited wholeness. Who can know the fathers plans? The one that understands to even the smallest degree God’s ultimate plan is blessed beyond recognition. Even to himself, for only a humbled child will see to even the smallest degree what God’s ultimate plan is, because only he looks beyond himself for confirmation. And only the humbled child’s spirit eye will become a dominate sense, because his naked eye is clothed with God’s love. For even though this humbled child is small in essence, God can dispatch to him 10,000 upon 10,000 times this child’s importance in The Father’s raw love. When we are to humble ourselves, in mind and in body, trust God and give him praise for his vast love and wisdom, only then will our eyes open to what God has planned for us, the children of The Almighty God.


Ready or Not

As children, games are apart of our foundation. Back when the “simpler things” were our life. Before we became self conscious of our appearance. I hope you recall yelling “not it!” And one unlucky friend would be the seeker. Because we’re going to start with the seekers position. First, we count to thirty, then we’d listen, for any noise that might help us find a hiding playmate. We’d look and look, and sometimes not find everyone, but who we did find often became the seekers. Of course, we grew out of this game, for some obvious reasons. One, being our body’s became less, and less able to keep up this game. The second being, we began to pursue a more intellectual game, one with “real benefits.” But, when a child is playing hide and seek, nothing is more important than the task at hand. As is being a teen, and looking for a life long partner is the primary focus. And even as we get older, running a business is what we pursue. Of course, this is clearly more important than finding the person hiding. It means more to the world than playing a game, right?

Now, we grew out of this game of “hide and seek” maybe in our preteens. Even as our gifts, intellectual or otherwise flourished! Maybe we need to return to this game? One of the reasons it is called a “Game” is because adults don’t see this event as, well important. But at a young age, hide and seek is no less important than finding a life long mate is later. As we grow, and tune more into pursuing a benevolent God, we may acquire spiritual gifts, to seek. Sometimes we don’t realize our gifts soon enough, unfortunately. And sometimes, the longer we count, the harder and harder these hiding children, who don’t know better will be to find. Sometimes we need to not only say to those hiding, but to ourselves “ready or not, here I come!” Because those who say “not it!” will often miss the chance to not only seek others, but to manifest the seekers in them. But when we volunteer to our God, to seek. He will give us what is needed to find those hiding, so they may do the same. Let’s return to the innocence we had as children.

I’d like to invite you to play some good’ole Hide and Seek with me! Ready or not, here I come!


The Cliff Side

I’d love to say I’m doing better on a “not sinning” basis than anyone reading this. But when it comes down to it, what is “better”? Is it simply not sinning as much? Or something else? With all of the default accusations made by the modern world, teens and adults alike, you start to see the many different angles on “not sinning.” Such as “Well no ones perfect,” and “You still do stuff when you’re not with other people.” And it begins to confuse, and disorient any confidence you have of your own perfect morality, and life, in front of, and away from prying eyes. To the point “being a better person” doesn’t mean “not sinning,” It begins to subconsciously turn itself into a mission to put others down for self glory. A better person simply means the humbling of ones self, to a fine pointed pinnacle opposite of being prideful. So humble, that you learn to admit your mistakes, so sincerely that prying eyes find no fault in you.

The word of God is much like a sander, life is much like a cliff face, and pride, well pride is the knobs that allow the accusers to climb to the top of your life. But when one learns to use the love of God to appreciate ourselves like he does to such a point, we don’t need those knobs to make ourselves look big, or desirable in the sense we’re “confident” enough to be climbed. When we find our identity in God, He’ll sand those knobs. Instead of trying to find ourselves “better” than others, we need to realize that being better, is letting evilness climb to the top of our lives, we become the very thing we were trying to be better than in the first place. If we strip ourselves of our prideful knobs, we’ll then find the people in our walk of life that see our cliff face for its beauty, are the people who aren’t there to be on top of our lives, but to appreciate us for us. What we are when those prideful nobs are gone, and all that remains, the naked, humble cliff side, is our true essence. Be humbled, none of us grow through temporary “security’s” such as pride, we grow through the eternal things that lit the spark of our life in the beginning of time.

Trying to make yourselves better through pride is a lost attempt at a Holy Quest. What I mean is, God made us to dwell with him, which is ultimately a better state than living in flesh. Making yourselves “better” through pride is simply your attempt to return to the very image you were created in as Adam was before the fall. BUT the reason we have a corrupted idea of what “better” is, is simply because we don’t have a proper motive, or cause, behind “bettering” ourselves. If we find our true cause, a cause found through divine individual revelation from Christ, then that corrupted idea of “better” will be purified again. You’ll learn to go about it the way you were intended to, that you may return to that image of God we’ve been so childishly trying to return to, by giving ourselves as much a hype as we can on this Earth, through pride and false belonging. When all along, it was the polar opposite of building self righteousness, which is humbling ourselves through our faultless Father, that we may grow in likeness of him, through a personal relationship, not a flaunted false belonging.


What We Can’t See

A friend of mine told me recently “I have trouble believing in something I can’t see.” Everything good, everything holy, everything sweet, and all that is love has come from one source, our Father God. Everything good you see is a result of a loving Dad wanting the best for us. The good we feel daily, the pleasant surprises we take for granted, these are the essence of God. How then can we say we’re believing in something we can’t see? When all around us, the most beautiful miracles are taking place. I believe to accept this is to be freed from blindness. God is love, and the love we experience daily through anything from a car letting us pass, to a soft breeze carrying the chirping of birds, is the result of His love. So in conclusion, we see our Father daily, we just need to choose to accept the little things we see as His essence in who He is. Then, we’ll be seeing the very thing we chose to follow in the first place. Our Father.